First Meeting!

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting–we had a fabulous turnout and it really bodes well for this year!   I hope everyone is excited about meeting, riding, and hanging out with some cool people.  I’ve attached the power point that we used as an outline for tonight–so check it out if you missed the meeting or need clarification. 
Some important afterthoughts:
1.  For those of you who wanted clothing, here are the prices:  
Short Sleeve Jersey–$54
Bib Shorts–$59
Arm Warmers–$24
You can pay by cash or check.  Just email me if you want to meet up and try some clothes (let me know approximately what sizes you need).  
2.  Dues.  Dues for racing members will be $30.  For those of you who want to just ride and enjoy the more social aspects of the team, dues will be $15.  I’ll collect dues at the next meeting, or if it’s easier, either send a check to 810 Cabell Ave B, Cville 22903 or drop a check off in the club mailbox at the SAC in Newcombe (all checks made out to UVA cycling).  
3.  Website (irrelevant now that you found it :-)):
Go here for updates and feel free to add comments or ask questions.  There is a link to the fall MTB and spring road schedule here.
For those of you who were asking, the first MTB race is this weekend at ASU.
4.  For mountain bikers:  contact Shawn Tevendale if you are interested!  He’s really looking forward to getting a group going to the races and he’s a great resource to have on the team if you have questions about mountain biking
5.  Let’s get a women’s ride going for those who are interested!  We had 10 women show up tonight, so we could have a fun girls group!
6.  Skills clinic TBA. Learn how to knock people down.  Really, it’s fun!
7.  Who wants a team party on Friday September 12?  Location, time TBA, but all friends, SOs, etc invited!
What else did I miss?
Happy riding!

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  1. dana

    Hi, my sister is a UVA alum and I was interested in purchasing a kit for her as a gift — is this possible? Feel free to shoot me an email if so. Thank you!

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