Urban Cross at Ix III

UVA was well represented for the first of our home town VACX races. Since this was a dual event with MABRA, a bunch of mid-Atlantic big dogs were in town. Scott and Roger crafted a technical and tiring course. Perfect chance to sharpen our blades then!

James, Noah, Quinn and David took on the massed ranks of the Cat 4, all riding to strong finishes. David got to find out how firmly the posts had been hammered into the ground, but got going again and held off the single-speed rider in a photo finish. Quinn was again the best UVA finished, in 12th, ensuring his immortality on the VACX points page.

In women’s 3/4, Maggie John stepped up and rode her first ever cross race, on David’s bike. Wary of some of the tricky and steep sections, she rode to an excellent 7th, and thus scored more VACX points than everyone else put together. Nice! Still behind VCU though…

Name Category Points
WmB Maggie John 16.0
OpenC Quinn McFrederick 6.0
OpenC David Morris 4.0
Total 26

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