Wolfpack Cycling Classic day one


No spills and no loss of blood for any UVa rider today! A great day. The racing started at 8:00 AM, with Sean Garvey racing cat 5. Sean did tons of work making sure the cat 5s weren’t sleeping, and placed in the top ten for his first race! 4 UVa riders were next in the men’s D road race (Jeff, Ron Thomas “T-bone” and Will). All rode strong, with Will placing in the top ten, most likely 8th but no official posting yet. T-Bone did his part for the future of the sport by pulling Jake King to the finish line. Next action was in the Men’s B race, again with 4 UVa riders (Hunter, David, Bucky and Quinn). Good showing all around, with Bucky placing highest, somewhere in the top 15. Bucky also did a lot of work up front to bring a break back in and kept the pace of the race from getting too lazy. We actually had people from several teams working together for a bit with David up front too. Finally came our solo Men’s C rider, Jeff. Jeff looked strong out there and mixed it up in the sprint for a great showing, 6th or 7th. Really impressive rides from everyone! Tomorrow comes the crits.


From Quinn


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  1. reid

    I like the old kit, sorry new kit wearers, you need to get an old one.

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