Navy Criterium and TT

The US Naval Academy was our host last weekend, up in Annapolis, Md. The criterium has a somewhat fearsome reputation, but turned out pretty well. Ron and Tom were in the first race of the day; men’s D. The pack got torn apart by the head wind and was spread all over the road. Both of our guys kept it upright and finished the race. Ron would ask me to add that he would have finished at least two places higher if he hadn’t dropped his chain on the last lap.

Determined not to repeat Ron’s gear changing fiasco, I resolved to keep it big ring all the way (not so tough with a cyclocross 48t ring up front). I lined up behind an experienced racer from Pfeiffer, thinking he would get his clip in, but no. Oops. So I started the race in the worst possible way – at the back. Sure enough, the wind caused gaps to open and I was on the wrong end of one, leaving me to ride to 17th and be outsprinted by a guy with a knackered wheel 🙂

Unfortunately, bad weather stopped the time trial from happening. Pity really, as my cross bike would have been a decent bet for a snowy course!

William and Mary is next…


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