Registering for ACCC races

This question has come up a few times, so let me go through it.

1 – are you going to race lots or a little? If you are going to race lots, I’d recommend you buy a USAC annual license. You can do that here.

Go to and click on the membership button to the left. You need a collegiate license, which is $30. You can add the normal USAC license for another $30 if you intend to race over the summer. Your club is the University of Virginia.

If you don’t intend on doing too many races, or just want to try it out, I would go for a day license, which is available at the race. Make sure you get to race registration early so you can still get a warm up in.

2 – Ok, so now you have your license. Next, you need a bib number. You only have to do this once.

Go to (they registered the domain with the spelling mistake) and go to registration. Then click on “bib number” then “register now”. At the first race you attend, pick up your numbers from the registration tent.

3 – Nearly there. Now you need to register for the races you intend to attend. This is especially important for time trials, since there is no registration on the day for those. Go to and go to registration. Click on the link to the race (it only displays the next race weekend) and follow the steps. If you register and then can’t make it, it does not cost us any money; better to register rather than wait til the day of the race if you are unsure.

Ok, so now you are all set in terms of paperwork. Hopefully, you will have joined the club and paid dues already. You will also need a UVA jersey (you can ride in plain shorts; you don’t have to have UVA shorts). If you do not have one, we do have some left ($50 each at team price). There are also some folks around that have spares. Email the list if you need a jersey.


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