2009 Jefferson Cup Recap

There was a good showing by the team at the Jefferson Cup on Sunday. Many riders volunteered as well as racing, making for a long day!

Cate, riding in Marshall Mechanical colours, dragged herself around the course in the W123 field. She’ll be on fire in July (either from her speed or the high temps). [I realise that the analogy is a bit innapropriate for a team sponsored by a HVAC firm]

Maggie, Sarah and Robin flew UVA colours in the W4 race. Sarah got into the break, and came home in 7th place, a fantastic result in a field of 40. Maggie, riding with a frisbee related injury, had to call it a day and find some ice, and Robin came home safe and sound in the chase group.

The cat 5 field featured Will, James, Pat, Evan, Jeff and resident Lord of Spin, Sean Garvey. Jeff and Sean took several flyers off the front, but got brought back. Meanwhile, half the field went out the back, with James, Pat and Evan feeling the heat and pace; this race was far faster than collegiate C and D races, and longer than D to boot. Jeff tried for a last ditch attack, but got rammed by one of the chasers, taking both him and Will out on the line. Sean made it through for 3rd.

Quinn and David were the team’s representatives in the M4 field. 120 riders lined up, most of them thinking that they could win. As a result, the pace was quite high and most breaks were doomed until one snuck away on the final lap and held a small lead to the finish. Quinn managed to finish in the field, which was thinned to about 60. David had a terrible day, got dehydrated and had to abandon.

Adam rode in the M123 race. It was a stacked field, so any kind of finish was hard earnt!

Thanks to Ruth for putting on the race, and extra thanks to all the team riders who volunteered!


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