App State part two


Howdy all,
here is the scoop on the rest of the app state racing. Adam was our own Tom Boonen for the weekend. After the great ride you heard about Saturday he went on to get 2nd in the crit, lapping the field in the process. Cate was having a great ride in the Women’s A crit but suffered a most untimely mechanical with 2 laps to go, so no free lap. Darn! Men’s b had Jeff and I, we both avoided a couple of wrecks in a field that had no real selection happen except a Lees McRae rider who lapped the rest of us. Came down to a bunch sprint in which I got 5th and Jeff 16th. Women’s B had Sarah (who rode away from the rest of her competitors to finish first with a huge gap in Saturday’s RR then go on to take a run just for good measure- nice!) towing an otherwise lazy field around the course. Her altruism was rewarded with the riders with fresh legs taking the sprint but she still placed 5th, then took another run. Marcos rode like a beast in both the Men’s C RR and the crit, looking strong and taking 4th in both races. Nice racing Marcos!

Great RR course, really boring crit course but Boone was an awesome weekend that saw lots of great racing from UVa, plus we ate tasty burritos at the Black Cat. They sponsor the App State club and make way better burritos than anywhere in Cville so check em out if you are in Boone. Let’s all root for Adam to qualify for Nats, he is chrushing the competition like uvas (grapes for non-spanish speakers).


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