540 Cycling Development Crit in Warrenton

Rudy and I rode the 2nd of 3 540Cycling crits in Warrenton this
morning. It’s a really nice course about 1.5 hours north. There’s a
small hill, some false flats, some wind and three pretty gentle
corners. The road surface is pretty good, and the roads are pretty
wide too.  Not too selective, and not very technical, therefore a perfect introduction or tune up for new racers.

Rudy was looking pretty calm in his field. He told me after that he
felt like he was warming up for most of the race 🙂 On the last lap,
he came around the last corner in first place, but unfortunately
someone came over into him and took out half of his spokes. So he came
in dead last, but without crashing. Win!

I was having a decent race, keeping up with the large cat 4 field.
Coming into a corner on the last prime lap, my rear tyre blew out and
I lost the bike and crashed out. Sadly, one other rider went down, but he was able to carry on. Oops. But… inspecting the bike
afterwards, it looked like I crashed out before I had the front tyre
blow out on me. Win!

Also, ex-AU rider Nathan Gazzetta came in 6th and local CRC rider Christian Sheridan popped up with a great third place finish.

The last series race is this Saturday.



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