Fall Off Road Update

While it may not be road season, UVA cycling has managed to be pretty active this fall with some of the dirtier forms of cycling.  Here is some of what we have been up to this semester:

 On the mountain side of things David, Lynn and I competed in the Off Road Omnium.  Despite almost 48 hours of continuous rain all of the races proceeded as planned.  This turned much of the single track at Tevendale Farm into a veritable mud slip and slide which made for some interesting racing.  To add to the difficulty David was competing on his cross bike and Lynn was competing for the first time ever.  It was an excellent showing for everyone and we all get gold stars just for braving the elements.         


Although not a club activity, Community Bikes battled C-ville Bike and Tri for the second year in a row in the shop category of the Paranormal.  For the shop category the teams are required to build up a bike at the start out of the box and then all competitors must race on that bike.  C-ville kindly loaned us one of their demo bikes so that both teams would have the same bike to race on as a way of evening the playing field.  We were surprised to find out that this bike was actually a $3000 full suspension Giant Anthem with full XT.  This was a little nicer than Community Bikes is used to considering last year we raced on a rigid steel trek with friction shifting.  We ended up winning the category but regretted having to give the demo bike back.  Now every time I reach for my hard tail Cannondale CAAD 3 I miss that sick whip.     



On the cross front, many team members have been representing Foof-Ville (Charlottesville) in the Blue Ridge Cup.  These are weekly league style training races with only three teams: Rocktown (Harrisonburg), Queencity (Staunton) and of course Foof-Ville.  There’s not a whole lot of emphasis on race results in the Blue Ridge Cup.  It’s more about how many racers or spectators can your hometown rally to come out for each of the races with bonus points for first time racers and team spirit.  All of our racers performed well at the Washington and Tonsler Park events with special recognition to Quinn for competing at Tonsler in full body chicken suit (sadly I didn’t get a picture of it but it looked like this).  


Quinn at Tonsler

David, Quinn and I also made it out to the Richmond Festival of Cross, a two day extravaganza put on by Altius and VCU.  Saturday saw a pretty brutal race and TT up and down Chimborazo Hill with plenty of stairs and slick coble stones.  Sunday’s race at Bryan Park was much flatter giving it a faster pace and more of a road crit feel.  Quinn’s consistent top three finishes at Chimborazo and Bryan Park were enough to earn him the coveted Richmond Cross cowbell for Collegiate C!   


Thats all for now.  Look for another post after Urban Coss this weekend!      -Will


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