VT Cyclocross


For those of you that were at the training meeting Thursday, we have to have Will restate his goal. He already met his goal for the year by winning his first race on Saturday! Like a true champ, he decided to go for a bigger challenge Sunday, and cated up to the B race, where he took second! Sweet riding Will. David also had some great rides, of course some of the requisite mechanicals reared their ugly heads, but David rode tough in two hard races on Saturday to get top ten results. I still haven’t met my goal but was pleased to get three third places, although one was in a race of only 4…


The course was very fun, the night races had a log barrier that was illuminated with christmas lights for a surreal touch. David turned me on to cross and I love it, if you haven’t tried it urban cross at Blue Wheel next week would be a great intro. It is super fun, the people are really supportive and its a festive atmosphere.

best, Quinn


Quinn is being modest- his 3rd place on Saturday night was even more awesome
since he had a flat, had to spend some time in the pit chancing his wheel
and then was able to track down the guys who passed him while he was in the
pit to come in 3rd place (in the A race no less)!




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