VA CX Champs Round Up

Quinn and I made the trip down to Suffolk for this one. Brian made the trip too. We all made good starts, making it through the first mud pit unscathed and chasing hard. After clearing the forest section, we got to the motocross sand berms. Sadly, Brian got felled here by an out of control rider who took out his derailleur hanger….. Quinn and I made it through, and Quinn set about chasing the leader while I tried to keep going through the thick mud and sand. The course featured a lot of mud, of many different kinds. It was a really hard ride!

Quinn came busting past me near the end in hot pursuit of the leader – 2nd place in the state championships, a medal and a toolkit for Quinn! I managed to come in 15th.

So Darden is next up!

Congrats to the vice-state champion šŸ™‚



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One response to “VA CX Champs Round Up

  1. Cingram

    Hey all,
    I talked to a couple of members of the team a while ago about joining the team for the coming road season. I just became a member of the listserve, but I assume there’s something more to do in order to join the team officially. If you have further information you can send my way, my email address is
    Looking forward to racing with you all. Wicked.

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