WVU Conference Champs

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The first day of ACC Mountain Bike Champs was held at Wisp Resort.  I stress the word Resort because it felt more like a vacation than a race.  Mike Zogby and I stayed with the VCU and Virginia Tech teams in a ski lodge/mansion right on the downhill slopes.  When we weren’t racing we spent our time hanging out in the hot tub, taking in the view and partying with Tech and VCU.

Here is what we woke up to on Saturday.  Yes, those are clouds below us.

First up was the Dual Slalom.  It started off pretty foggy which made for some interesting racing because we couldn’t even see the end of the course 100 yards away.

Next up was Super D followed by Downhill.  Unfortunately I couldn’t snap any pics cause I was busy racing but I did manage to get a couple on the ski lift which should help to emphasize how awesome Wisp was.

In this one you can see both the Dual Slalom course and the roller coaster.  Like I said, this felt like more like a vacation than a race.

Last up on Saturday was the Short Track course.  Definitely my favorite short track in the whole series.  It had jumps, a nice climb and a super technical rock garden.

Sunday’s cross country race was held at Big Bear Park.   The trail was soaked but it had a fantastic mix of rocky climbs, steep descents and fast flowing sections.  Overall it was a lot of fun if you could keep your bike upright.  Mike Zoghby had a really strong race and probably would have placed in the top ten if he hadn’t had an unlucky slip on one of the final descents.  His performance really showed how much he has advanced in just one season of racing.  I finished 3rd in the XC race which allowed me to maintain my 3rd place for the mens B field in the overall series.

We then loaded up the cars and headed over to KFC for a celebratory meal with the 1st place D II Champions, VCU.  There was much rejoicing.

Thanks to the efforts of everyone who raced over the season UVA placed 3rd for Division II for the 2010 season!!! Way to go Wahoos!!



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