Darden Towe Cyclocross 2010

The Virginia Cyclocross Series Finale was held November 4th right here in Charlottesville.  Will, David and Callum all went out on Saturday to go give it the old college try.  Will and David mixed it up with the cat threes and Callum put on a good show in the cat one, two field.

Callum stayed neck and neck with a CyCor rider almost the entire race.  Knowing that it would come down to the final sprint, Zach, David and Will decided to give Callum a little extra encouragement by chasing him up the last hill.  As you can see in the photos,  their cheering clearly caused Callum win the sprint for 8th place.  Way to go Will, David and Zach!

Callum with the CycCor rider on his heels.

Zack cheering Callum up the hill.  (Will and David out of frame on the left)

Callum at the top of the hill several seconds ahead.


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  1. Good job all! Glad the photos caught the real action. Who took them?!

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