Coliseum Track Demo


Although the track is built for go-cart racing, Steve Burton, the founder and director of SportsQuest, invited local cyclists to come ride around on the floor of the Richmond Coliseum.  We functioned, more or less, as guinea pigs on bikes.  The aim was to test if the track was safe for cycling races.  I’m happy to report there were no fatalities, however, it seems that the geometry of the track does not lend itself well to a full on track race.  Big thanks to SportsQuest for a fun Saturday morning though.  Photos courtesy of C-ville resident and friend of the team, Boris.



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2 responses to “Coliseum Track Demo

  1. Canup is lookin dead sexy.

  2. Now this is sharp. I am just now getting into cycling and I think its cool to have a track setup like this indoors. Especially for winter. I will be following this blog. Keep posting so we can have some good info to read up on!

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