VT Race weekend

This past weekend was one of the best race weekends of the season! The team made the short trip to Blacksburg to race against familiar ACCC foes at the Virginia Tech Race Weekend. This weekend also drew the biggest number of racers for UVA, with Juan Carlos Puyana, Carl Bailey and Hunter Merrill racing for the first time this year. Matt Wyatt, Cameron and Tyler were also in attendance to represent on the trails.

Saturday morning’s uphill TT was a steep and challenging track to the top of the ridge. Riders navigated around tight hairpins, technical rock gardens and a number of roots on the short 2.25k course. Everyone made it to the top just in time for the start of the Short Track. The ST course included a fast, flowing single track section – making up half the course – and a long climb back up to the top of the hill along the fire road. All of the guys were challenged and pushed to the limit to complete the deceptively hard race. In the end everyone was able to stay upright and avoid any major mechanical errors that plagued many racers from other schools.

The Super D and the Dual Slalom gave Cameron the opportunity to show off his skills. The route down the mountain was the same as the TT course from the morning but it was not any easier. Cameron was able to fly down the track and finish in a very respectable time. Everyone had an awesome time riding the short Dual Slalom course. Cameron found himself in a tough heat but did well to make his competitor work hard to advance. Overall it was a good day for the Hoos and there were lots of tired legs after a long day on the bike.

Sunday morning brought cold, but sunny conditions, at the top of Mountain Lake. Everyone was primed and ready to go for the morning Cross Country event which took the riders down a long descent from the gun and climbing back up the hill for the remainder of the lap. While the course was not as technical as Saturday’s trails, there was no shortage of climbing. Juan Carlos, Matt, Hunter and Carl completed one lap of the course in the Men’s C race. Tyler, racing in Men’s A this weekend, suffered up the “extended” trails designated for the A category. This extra portion of the course included more climbing and super technical rock gardens at the top of the mountain.

Overall the weekend went well for the Virginia Crew. Everyone had a lot of fun and there are high hopes heading to Conference Championships at WVU this coming weekend at Wisp resort!


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