Spring Road Season Underway!


With three races down, it looks like the spring road season is headed off to a good start! We’ve had strong performances from all four categories A, B, C, and D!

Next race will be at UNC on the weekend of March 16th-17th. Keep an eye on the ACCC site to look for the flyer for more info.

Racers so far:

Kevin Gottleib (first year racer)
Isaac Kaplan (first year racer)
Tyler Cloutier
Callum Ingram

Lucas Farr
Bryce Lowrey

William Suhring

Steven Cook (first race on pavement!)
Bob Benoit (first year racer)
Greg (Mike) Ott (frst year racer)

Notable results include:
1st – Kevin Gottleib VT road race
2nd – Lucas Farr William and Mary road race
– Kevin Gottleib William and Mary road race
3rd – Kevin Gottleib NCSU road race
– Steven Cook William and Mary crit
4th – Mike Ott William and Mary crit
– Bob Benoit VT road race

Also, wayyy too many top ten’s to count. Great job everyone!

If you’re looking to join the club or want to do some rides with us, join the list serve, join the facebook, comment on this article, get in contact with us any way you can!


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