Group Rides

Charlottesville is probably one of the best places in the country for bike riding, and there are many beautiful rides you can do. There are also a number of other clubs that have group rides.

UVA Group Rides:

Saturdays, from the UVA cemetary (corner of McCormick and Alderman). Beginner and advanced groups. We’ll be setting up mountain rides and road rides, so watch the list serve for more details.

Tuesday nights at 6pm from Reas Ford/Earlysville Rd. These are fast A/B rides that only run during the race season. We typically leave from the cemetary at about 5 or 5:10 to ride up to the start. These rides only go through the end of daylight savings time. Then, they will start up again in the spring when daylight savings allows for more daylight in the evenings, get that heart rate up!

Other rides tend to be advertised by the listserve: Many riders will email the list shortly before heading out for the day, so keep your eye out!

Other groups

Fortuna: Link to the right ->>>>

Conversation paced rides with many ride length options between 2 and 5 hours usually. There’s also always friendly conversation. Pace picks up at times for some friendly competition, but never a hammer fest. These rides leave from Albemarle Baking Company on Main St. At the moment, they’re leaving at 8:00 on Saturday and Sunday, but this will change as sunrise gets later throughout the winter.


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  1. Hunter Leemon

    UVA Cycling,

    My name is Hunter Leemon and I am a student at VCU. I was hopeful to get in contact with someone from your club about some general information.
    Can someone contact me directly via e-mail (

    Thanks so much,

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